Volvo Truck
Dealer Event
Ever seen dump trucks and backhoes play a game of hoops in the middle of the desert?


Volvo Construction Equipment and Mack Truck wanted a once-in-a-lifetime event to showcase their new construction equipment at the second-largest construction trade show in the world.

They wanted lights. They wanted fireworks. They wanted perfection. And they wanted it all in the middle of the Vegas desert with 6,000 customers and dealers. Note: If you've had the pleasure of standing in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, you'll notice a few things are missing. Like water. Bathrooms. And power. Time to get to work.

Volvo Truck Dealer Event


Jackson leased eight acres from the Las Vegas Speedway to be our “campus.” Then we created the following:

  • Three acres of pavement
  • 100s of holes for equipment stability
  • Power
  • Bathrooms
  • 50 programmable lights
  • Security
  • Caterers
  • 12 bars
  • 18 food stations
  • Two of the biggest tents you've ever laid eyes on
  • One concert stage

Then, to top everything off, we created a pickup basketball game between 24 construction machines and trucks—which took two crews, two systems of electronics and A/V equipment, two management teams and two weeks of choreography. Then, just for kicks, we held a Diamond Rio concert. Only in Vegas.

Volvo Truck Dealer Event


Minds blown.

Volvo Truck Dealer Event