Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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2024 Marketing Trends

As marketers, we must equip ourselves with the insights and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-changing world of marketing. From the rise of artificial intelligence to the growing importance of sustainability, these trends are roadmaps for marketing in 2024 and beyond.


AI Advances

At this point most creatives have been convinced (we hope) that AI won’t take over their jobs—we’ve seen enough crazy computer creations to move on from that fear (and learn from those mistakes). While AI will continue to be a great way to overcome bouts of writer’s block or unblank a designer’s page, in the future it will support marketers in new ways as well. For example, predicting what ads will hold a viewer’s attention, enabling digital marketers to measure their campaigns’ impact as opposed to simple volume measurements.


Corporate Values

Consumers want to know that they’re buying products from companies that share similar values. According to Kantar and Forbes, sustainability, DEI and ethical business practices are top-of-mind, especially after the socioeconomic turmoil brought on by COVID.  Brands who clearly express where they stand on key issues have an opportunity to connect with their like-minded consumers, and those consumers are ready to put their money where their mouth is.



Another reality of the AI advances are hyper-personalized campaigns. Take a look at what Amazon did on Black Friday—delivering customized ads to viewers based on their interaction with the platform. Amazon of course has a massive universe of first-party data, making this next level of personalization scalable. But as cookies go away and first-party data takes a front seat, expect to see more of these personalization opportunities arise from major SSPs.


Site-Direct Digital Media

In 2024, we will see the further demise of cookie tracking which will be a detriment to digital marketers who have not yet found a cookieless digital advertising solution. This will be especially challenging for brands who lack the budget required to engage with major DSPs that offer first-party data solutions saddled with minimum spend caveats. It’s possible, then, that some niche advertisers may take a more contextual approach and seek publisher-direct investments with trustworthy media companies. While this may feel like moving backward in the world of ad personalization, this has proven to be a very successful tactic for many of our B2B clients who must target highly specific and niche audiences with limited budgets.


Heading into 2024, one marketing trend has remained consistent: riding the waves of change. But it’s not just about jumping on the latest trends, it’s about discovering a level of marketing innovation that works for your brand and allows you to genuinely connect with your audiences. So here’s to a year of creativity, adaptability and growth.


Todd Steen
Kristie GraySmith
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