NMHG CHARLOTTE EXPERIENCE CENTER When one room comprises 57 GB of graphics, we call that experience visually stimulating.


NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) manufactures two industry-leading lift truck brands: Hyster® and Yale®. With each having a history dating back to 1860, these brands, now internationally recognized, have years of stories and innovation to share.

When they built their training facilities and experience center in Charlotte, NMHG found they had one big empty room left over. They knew they could use that space to bring to life the history of their Hyster and Yale brands, but they didn't know how to design it. Jackson stepped in with an interactive, experiential marketing idea.

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From conceptualization and design, to video and graphic production, to construction and execution, Jackson managed the entire project. Maps show the vast reach of the brands, timelines display the detailed history of innovation, and individually branded walls highlight dealers and campaigns from both Hyster and Yale. The crowning achievement in the room is the hologram of the chairman, CEO or president welcoming visitors to the experience center and tailoring the experience to fit each audience.

Jackson transformed the room from an empty industrial space to a museum-quality experience that NMHG proudly calls the Heritage Gallery.

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NMHG's Charlotte Experience Center continues to help build its presence in the community. As the Heritage Gallery welcomes visitors from all over the world, those guests are continually impressed with the museum-like quality of the graphics and life-size hologram, and the innate sense of pride NMHG has for its people, products and history.

NMHG Charlotte Experience Center