Wiley X
Product Sales Tour
The world's toughest sunglasses expand to a brand-new market with our help.


Wiley X makes high-velocity protective sunglasses that are trusted by the U.S. military across the world. In battle. In fact, the co-owner is ex-military.

Their ballistic eyewear, gloves and goggles received rave reviews. They're tough to be sure, but they're also really, really cool. And as interest grew abroad, Wiley X wanted to branch out to new audiences.

Wiley X glasses model


Wiley X engaged Jackson to help find the perfect audience for brand growth—one that loved America and could be a passionate fan base. The answer? NASCAR fans. They're fiercely patriotic and, let's face it, they sit under the sun for hours every weekend.

Jackson helped bring the NASCAR plan to life with a turnkey marketing and on-site sales program. We activated NASCAR driver sponsorship, created a sales truck at every NASCAR event (complete with sales booth, sales personnel and graphic support), along with track presence support, which includes radio spots on Sirius XM NASCAR Channel.

Wiley X glasses
Wiley X Product Sales Tour


Awareness has skyrocketed. Thousands of Wiley X sunglasses are now on the heads of NASCAR fans across the nation—not to mention NASCAR drivers such as Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick.

Wiley X racecar