Michelin Truck
Social Media
What's the best way to form customer relationships through social media—especially when your target audience is constantly moving? (Quite literally.)


Social media is a very effective medium in the trucking industry. Why? Your target audience is always on the road. Yes, fleet managers and owners sit behind desks on most days, but small fleets and owner-operators are constantly driving.

Michelin is the industry leader in truck tires. And they want to create a relationship that lasts the life of their products (which is long), all the way through the next purchasing cycle.


The key is engaging content. That's easy, you say. For two days. But how about 365 days? We found what our audience craves, and we answer. Daily.

How do they improve fuel economy? We answered. How do they get more out of their tires? Done. How do they improve their bottom lines? Got it. Jackson is the face of the brand online. We've utilized content that matters to the audience, whether it's a maintenance video, link to an industry article or simply offering a tip for better mileage. Videos are constantly uploaded to YouTube. Facebook and Twitter posts are frequent and helpful. And audience correspondence is constant.


Last year, Michelin Truck surpassed every goal on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Jackson has helped build advocacy for the brand and solidify Michelin as an industry leader.