Michelin Earthmover
Industry Research
How do you discover where your brand stands with end users, the competition and industry influencers and decision makers? Serious research.


When you do things the way they've always been done, there's always room for improvement. No matter how profitable the business.

The Michelin Earthmover tire business is one of its parent company's most profitable and important global business units. However, this business unit had a relatively archaic go-to-market strategy with respect to industry segmentation, end user understanding and market-driven product development.


Let's initiate the industry's largest market strategy study: a massive two-phase approach.

Qualitative research was conducted through focus groups and individual interviews and quantitative research was conducted through mail, online and phone interviews. (In total, 1,275 interviews!) Highlights from our 200+ pages of results included:

  • Seven comprehensive key findings
  • Clear segmentation into six industry verticals
  • In-depth end user profiles and unique clusters
  • Brand perception maps by industry verticals
  • Customer and consumer attribute analysis by industry vertical
  • Michelin positioning statements for each industry vertical
  • Prioritized messaging by industry vertical
  • Prioritized communication vehicles


As a result of Jackson's research and findings, Michelin greatly matured their go-to-market strategy for earthmover tires. Key changes included: