DIGITAL Google Partner

You may not need a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website backed by SEO and API architecture. Or an iPad app for corporate training. Or a geo-targeted PPC advertising campaign that spans three states. But if you do, Jackson can not only design, code and manage them, we can assure strategic integration with your offline marketing initiatives. (It helps when you're working with a full-service marketing agency.)


Navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising is exciting. We've helped brands successfully find their way through everything from eblasts and enewsletters, to banner and mobile ads, to retargeting and PPC, to social media sponsorships and video pre-rolls.


Some brands have a need for a specific application that cannot be effectively accomplished via a web browser. In those cases, we can help by designing and developing a mobile app. We've helped created apps for dealer locators, corporate campus tours, product selectors and more.


For most brands, their digital properties have to be more than just an online brochure. Dealer locators, product selectors, savings calculators, online surveys and data pumps linking external data are all tools that we have created to help brands maximize the effectiveness of their online presence.


We believe that the most effective websites don't skimp on the front or back end. Begin with usability testing— both in-person tests with target users and competitive reviews. Then follow up development with detailed tracking of analytics and recommendations to improve performance.


Do you need a global website that is fully responsive, optimized for search, multi-platform, able to perform on all major browsers, and hosted by a specific provider? Or how about just a simple microsite? Or maybe something in between? We've lost count of how many really cool websites we've created for brands.


Myth #1: Social media is a fad. Myth #2: We need a Facebook page. The truth is, social media is here to stay and brands need a strategy of how to best use the platform, based on their target audience and brand strategy. Then, only after we help develop a social media strategy, we can design, create, post, track and improve a program that's customized for your brand.


Although it sometimes feels like the whole digital thing happens in a black box, Jackson doesn't operate that way. Welcome to our clear box, where we employ a seven-step process for major digital projects that includes: Planning, Content Development, Design, Technical Programming, Testing, Launch and Maintenance/Marketing.

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