Thought leadership. It's quite the marketing cliché—and we tremble in front of most clichés—but it's vitally important within your industry. If you're not a thought leader, we can help make you one with valuable content and public relations expertise. And if you're already leading the charge, we can maintain and improve. Content marketing and PR are more than blogging and sending two Tweets a day—it's making sure your story is consistent across multiple channels and your dialogue resonates with your target audiences.


At the heart of public relations is developing strong relationships with the media. This begins with knowing who they are and developing a database, then getting to know them and their needs, and finally understanding their market and the trends they are writing about. Strong relationships lead to strong results.


If your own employees aren't onboard with your key messages, chances are your messages won't be appropriately communicated. Helping brands communicate internally— whether through events, videos, newsletters or eblasts— is one of our specialties.


The only thing worse than a crisis is not being prepared to deal with it. While we hope our clients never have a crisis, we have helped several major brands prepare, just in case. We've worked with them to craft a crisis communication plan and train their associates on how to implement that plan should it ever be needed.


What happens if the person you need in front of the camera isn't comfortable or prepared to be there? You train them. We have trained C-level executives, VPs, product experts and marketing managers on the ins and outs of dealing with the media and on how to develop and communicate your brand's key messages.


Content is king. It's why we are busy crafting content strategies, messaging, whitepapers, bylined articles, blogs, position papers, case studies, infographics, fact sheets, press releases, newsletters and speeches for many of our clients.


The media is demanding. That's why we leave no detail unturned, whether we are hosting a media product launch in the Mexican desert, a press conference at a global trade show, or a media dinner at a corporate headquarters.


The media is important, but so are community leaders and influencers. We've helped a grocery store chain feed the underprivileged, an automotive manufacturer create a charity event, and a tire brand assist in teaching driver's ed... just to name a few.


The courthouse, the State House, The White House— all important at times. We have experience coordinating governmental meetings, hosting plant events, writing speeches and crafting position papers—all with the goal of affecting political opinion for brands.


Myth #1: Social media is a fad. Myth #2: We need a Facebook page. The truth is, social media is here to stay and brands need a strategy of how to best use the platform, based on their target audience and brand strategy. Then, only after we help develop a social media strategy, we can design, create, post, track and improve a program that's customized for your brand.

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