Volvo Hagerstown
Dealer Event
When bad news happens, you can either handle it or let it handle you. Volvo chose the former.


Not all product launches are perfect, no matter how smart the technology or planning. When emissions standards on diesel engines changed dramatically, construction companies were forced to change dramatically.

Volvo’s new engines—all created in Hagerstown, Maryland—had a few hiccups. Nothing major, mind you, but when you’re known for perfection, “nothing major” is something major. Volvo needed to meet the opportunity head-on, and fast, and get their distribution on the same page.

Volvo Hagerstown Dealer Event


This was no time for beaches and pina coladas. Jackson and Volvo decided to bring their top customers and dealers straight to the source—the Hagerstown plant.

Jackson helped manage and plan the event: presentation, message, preparation, A/V, plant branding and full logistics. We helped Volvo formulate a plan and put it in action. Volvo then introduced the most advanced, fuel-efficient engine in the industry.

Volvo Hagerstown Dealer Event


Customers and dealers were impressed with the honesty, the plan and the future. The partnerships between Volvo and their customers and dealers have never been stronger.

Volvo Hagerstown Dealer Event