RSC Bio Solutions
Brand Development
Green power. We created a brand look that's as fresh and forward-thinking as their product.


RSC Bio Solutions' biodegradable lubricants and cleaners beat the pants off traditional petroleum-based products. Every day of the week. But they needed an effective platform to share that info with the world.

RSC offers a full line of highly capable, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids and cleaners that perfectly blend safety with performance. The challenge: create a look and feel to set the brand apart from traditional petroleum-based offerings. RSC asked us to develop a brand concept that captured the essence of this fast-growing, innovative company. And we were eager to take on the assignment.

RSC Bio Solutions Brand Development


We set out to develop a brand look and feel that is modern, clean, flexible—evoking a true "green" company. An extra twist: RSC Bio Solutions is an affiliate of RSC Chemical Solutions, a well-known, established 80+ year old company, so we had to relate the look and feel to the Chemical Solutions brand.

Using the existing RSC Bio Solutions logo elements and color scheme, the Jackson design team went to work—providing a variety of executions. Once RSC Bio Solutions selected the "winning" look and feel, Jackson started producing a range of materials with a professional, consistent, distinct brand appearance—from email signatures and case studies to trade publication ads and a trade show booth.

RSC Bio Solutions Brand Development


This consistent brand look and feel set the company apart from petroleum-based competitors, while still tying back to the legacy brand.