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There are hundreds of thousands of manufacturing plants in North America. To get noticed nationally, you usually have to do something wrong. Usually.


NMHG's Berea facility was expanding. It was producing record numbers, record retention and employee training and record safety numbers.

That's the good news. The bad news is that no one outside of the plant walls knew any of this.

NACCO Materials Handling Group Public Relations


In a previous life, Jackson helped BMW Manufacturing Corp. win Plant Engineering magazine's Top Plant award. It's an impossible task, but we like a challenge. What if we helped NMHG apply for that very same award?

The application process is exhaustive. And so are the qualifications. Here are the gory details: The Top Plant award recognizes manufacturing facilities in North America that achieve outstanding operational results through application of engineering disciplines. It seeks to:

Jackson worked with NMHG Berea to submit an exhaustive, detailed 25+ page application that highlighted the facility's accomplishments. We gathered numbers, conducted interviews, researched operational information and gathered more numbers. Then we waited impatiently.


You know where this is going. NMHG's Berea plant won! They were recognized with a cover story and five-page spread in Plant Engineering magazine, which Jackson helped create. Jackson also helped the plant maximize public relations opportunities. NMHG held a press conference and plant tour for local media and dignitaries and continued the celebration tour at the March award presentation in Chicago.