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The great outdoors goes mobile. With an app that helps Milliken guests explore.


Milliken & Company has an incredible asset: a 600-acre campus dripping with natural beauty. The Roger Milliken Center is more than a business campus. It's an experience: a nationally recognized arboretum with over 3000 trees, a Guest House, Owings & Merrill architecture and more.

From the beginning, Milliken designed their campus to be an interactive experience, not just a destination. (You'll find public guests and clients enjoying the grounds daily—often with dogs and Frisbees). So they needed something to help guests explore Milliken's arboretum and other points of interest.

Milliken Mobile App


In order to help guests explore, we did some exploring ourselves. First, Jackson interviewed numerous Milliken associates, toured the facilities and arboretum and helped form the Milliken campus story. We then wove the story into interactive arboretum and campus maps. Then, we created an app that brought this story to life.

Our final solution provided a virtual tour guide for Milliken guests, right on their phones. We created an Apple-based mobile app that would offer two versions: a more robust app for clients and a modified version for the public. The app would merge nature and technology and would allow visitors to immerse themselves in the grounds and arboretum.

Milliken Mobile App


Milliken has not only connected with corporate guests, but hundreds of local families.

Milliken Mobile App