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Fun AND educational? This interactive iPad app offered the best of both worlds.


We knew we had to get creative with this one. Michelin approached us with a unique challenge: Create a fun, interactive iPad solution designed to entertain and educate Sam's Club employees about MICHELIN® tires.

Every year, Sam's Warehouse Club holds a training and education event—the Tire Lube Rodeo—for their Tire & Service Center employees. Sam's requests that each supplier company support the event with product-specific displays and activities. And Michelin wanted their entry to stand out.

Michelin iPad App


We took a closer look at our target demographic. They're Type A males, so we decided to use sports analogies as points of reference for visualizing the tire lines' benefits. Then we developed a fun, five-minute sports-based game for the iPad to highlight and focus on three main points on the featured tire lines for this important customer.

The game engaged players with Michelin products and capabilities by using sports-themed questions. For instance: MICHELIN® Defender tire stops 31 feet shorter than leading competitor tires. To visualize that distance, participants were asked to determine if 31 feet was approximately: A) The distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate, B) Double the length from the free throw line to the basket on an NBA court or C) The length of a tennis court.

Michelin iPad App


Learning was fun. The client was happy and the client's client was happy, so we were happy.

Michelin iPad App