Product Launch Event
It's one thing to say your product redefines "luxury performance." It's another to prove it.


Michelin's new Primacy™ MXM4® tire redefined the luxury performance touring tire. But a brochure can't persuade customers, dealers and influencers. It can help, sure, but Michelin needed to blow minds.

Jackson had one parameter: bring the theme "360 Degrees of Ultimate Satisfaction" to life. The rest was up to us.


Let's pick out the 30 best media members and the top 100 dealers and industry influencers. Invite them to a luxurious event/product demo. Then let's have the MXM4 tires do the talking, surrounded by luxury.

Luxury punctuated each detail: Private jet travel, luxury ride-and-drive vehicles totaling $1 million, a luxury drive accompanied by preselected driving music, drivers' massages following the drive, a reception and dinner with two Michelin-starred chefs, tours of a Michelin plant and a wet course driving course. Dealers and influencers flew to Greenville, South Carolina, drove to Asheville on a GPS-coordinated trip and received flip cameras as gifts. Media members flew to Charleston, South Carolina, drove to Kiawah Island on a GPS-coordinated trip and received computers as gifts.

Michelin Product Launch Event


When the event concluded and the feedback came in, Jackson and Michelin heard only Ultimate Satisfaction. A thrilled tire dealer exclaimed: "I would like to say my sincere 'Thank you!' for inviting me to this event and spending time with me. I have not participated in an event like this in my entire life, never mind professional career! I am still shocked how well organized and executed it was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"