Food Lion
Multi-City Product Launch
Introducing the industry's first and only nutritional eating program.


Food Lion had just created the industry's first and only nutritional eating program, called Guiding Stars, which was designed to help families shop smarter and eat healthier.

It's not terribly difficult to promote your story to current shoppers (after all, they're a captive audience in your store). But how do you pique the interests of non-Food Lion shoppers?

Food Lion Multi-City Product Launch


Jackson created a Guiding Stars 3-Star Kitchen Tour that brought the Guiding Stars concept to life in a traveling virtual program. The goal was to reach at least 100,000 consumers and increase awareness of and preference for Guiding Stars in five key markets (Washington, DC; Norfolk, VA; Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; Greenville, SC).

The five-market, three-month Tour traveled to events such as food festivals, fairs, college and professional sporting events and store appearances. We visited an N.C. State football game, the North Carolina State Fair and Stone Soul Picnic in Washington, DC, among others. The Tour included a walk-through hospitality trailer with information and samples, an on-site dietician, a kids play area and samples of healthy snacks.

Food Lion Multi-City Product Launch


More than 500,000 consumers experienced the Guiding Stars Tour, exceeding the program target by over 500%. Attendee research revealed that, prior to attending the event, 88% of consumers were not aware of Guiding Stars.

Following a visit to the Guiding Stars Tour, 49% of visitors were now likely to shop at Food Lion or Bloom in the next month, 81% of visitors were extremely likely to use the Guiding Stars program during their next visit to Food Lion or Bloom and 85% were extremely likely to recommend the exhibit to a friend.

Food Lion Multi-City Product Launch