Multi-City Tour
Loud. Louder. Ear-bleedingly loud. That's how we launched the Sony Xplod product line.


Old people hate Sony Xplod speakers. They make funny faces and shake their heads back and forth. However, young people crave them. CRAVE them. Particularly, the import tuner market.

Sony wanted to speak to the hearts and minds (and ears) of this tuner market in the coolest way possible, across the continent. The answer: two tours. Really cool, really loud, really hip tours.

Sony Multi-City Tour


Jackson planned, managed and controlled two Sony tours—Sony Xplod Tour & Hip Hop Live Tour—soup to nuts to tuner cars.

Sony Xplod Tour: We created a giant presence at events like the NHRA Show and showed off the Sony Xplod product in the hippest way possible: with a massive tractor trailer display, two display vans, two display vehicles (one of which opens up and lets you play ROCK BAND on Xbox), car girls, product demos, free giveaways and more.

Hip Hop Live Tour: We attended music venues from California to New York and showcased the Xplod product line with live demos, giveaways and music that made your ears bleed.


Jackson's experiential marketing tours introduced the Sony Xplod product line to hundreds of thousands of tuners across America, with volume, visuals and unforgettable experiences.

Sony Multi-City Tour