RSC Bio Solutions
Targeted Advertising
Sometimes increasing a budget by three multiplies digital ad impressions by 100


True story: RSC Bio Solutions' biodegradable lubricants and cleaners are giving petroleum based competitors a run for their money. Two years ago, Jackson began telling the world RSC Bio Solutions' story through branding, a new website, print collateral and advertising campaigns. Lucky for us, their remarkable story includes almost 20 years of testing, research, and in-field use, the perfect blend of safety and performance, and compliance with federal regulations.

But, if RSC Bio doesn't reach their markets with content on how well their biodegradable hydraulic fluids and cleaners work, what does it matter that they have an amazing story and high-performance products?


Following one year of search engine marketing (SEM), we suggested increasing the amount of digital advertising RSC Bio was using. Not only did we significantly increase the SEM budget, but we also added digital targeting to their B2B mix. Why? Because with behavioral targeting and site retargeting, the content we were sharing became so much more relevant and reachable. Then, in July 2015, we took this advertising campaign completely mobile.

RSC Bio Solutions Targeted Advertising


When RSC Bio followed our suggestions by bumping up their SEM budget and allowing us to add targeted advertising to their mix, the results were numbers every CEO wants to hear.

We increased their budget and frequency threefold, and the impressions shot up one hundred fold. More importantly, the click-through rate (CTR) taking users to the RSC Bio website jumped from 3,000 clicks to 11,000 clicks per month.

Conclusion: the brand may need to hire more salespeople soon.