Hyster Lift Trucks
Dealer Marketing Summit
You know what's not easy? Getting your distribution channels on the same page, while also energizing them. Good luck with that.


Hyster has more than 100 dealers across the globe. All with their own names on their own signs. Which means asking them to march lock-step isn't an easy task.

We needed a way to create synergy among the network, so when a new product launch or marketing promotion occurred, it was championed consistently, accurately and with passion.


Champion. That word kept coming up in brainstorming sessions. Jackson and Hyster decided to create "marketing champions" within the most influential, successful dealers.

We invited 31 dealers to a two-day Hyster Dealer Marketing Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, for training, support and engagement. Jackson helped Hyster create the program, the invitations, registration, logistics, training development, training presentation, dealer marketing materials, handouts and even the meals.


Hyster exceeded their participation goal by 42%. 31 dealers were invited; 17 showed up. (All dealers were asked to pay for travel and hotel.) An anonymous post-event Attendee Survey was conducted, and every attendee rated each of the nine sessions as "extremely useful," with an average score of 3.5 on a 4-point scale.

Here's the really interesting part: all 17 attendees requested that this summit become an annual or bi-annual event. Hooray for synergy.