Trade Show Design
Capsugel needed a specific audience to stop by their trade show booth. And they needed ROI for proof. Gulp.


ROI and trade shows go together like peanut butter and spinach. Usually. But Capsugel wanted to maximize the time of their staff and the costs that went into Natural Products Expo West (NPEW).

They wanted ROI and they needed a way to make it happen. They also wanted a theme that would not only attract current customers and prospects, but change their perception of the brand.

Capsugel Tradeshow Design


Jackson developed the theme of "Brand Makeover." We worked with Capsugel to create banners and trade show signage, along with postcards that announced the new product releases.

The kicker? A specialized packet that targeted 120 new business prospects and introduced the Brand Makeover idea. In the packet was a pair of iPod headphones the recipient could bring to the booth to receive their very own iPod Shuffle. You probably see where we're going with this.

Capsugel Tradeshow Design


Let's talk ROI. From the 120 packets sent, 93 prospects RSVP'd. In other words, 78% were interested! From the 93 RSVPs, 30 appointments were set during the week of the show. From the 30 appointments, Capsugel won three customers. In fact, one of those three customers more than paid for Capsugel's show costs at NPEW.

Capsugel Tradeshow Design