BFGoodrich Tires
Brand Representation Tour
BFGoodrich Tires wanted to reel in customers on the Walmart FLW Tour. (Their words.)


Anglers are fiercely brand loyal. They've been known to use the same lures for 50 years if they work. These hardworking, American anglers fit naturally into the hardworking, American-made products of BFGoodrich® Tires.

As a brand sponsor of the Walmart FLW Tour and some of their professional anglers, BFGoodrich Tires wanted to tap into the tour's fans with "feet on the ground" at FLW Tour events. They wanted to attract, engage and "wow" event attendees, which is hard when BP, Kellogg's and the National Guard are setting up booths right next to you.


Experiential marketing is more than just graphics and giveaways. Jackson helped create a true "event," where patrons actually sought us out, instead of the opposite.

Jackson helped plan and manage the entire BFGoodrich Tires presence at FLW Tour events. We helped secure and create the main truck and trailer, graphical displays, professional autographic sessions, product displays and sales training.

We also helped created the marketing materials to support BFGoodrich Tires' sponsorship and event presence, which included a really cool helicopter photoshoot where an unnamed account executive almost got sick to his stomach.


BFGoodrich Tires improved their brand awareness and product sales among this very important segment of their target audience. And when anglers find a product they love, they stick with it.