Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Should your brand be on Tik Tok?

In previous blogs, we’ve addressed the social media FOMO that can occur when new platforms or trends emerge. Within this framework (plus some supplemental thoughts), we wanted to provide an in-depth analysis on the hottest new platform in the last 2 years: TikTok. Today, we’ll answer key questions about TikTok to help you evaluate if the platform is right for your brand.

Is my target audience on this platform? With 1 billion monthly active users, there are certainly a lot of eyeballs to be found on TikTok. TikTok is home to Millennials and Gen Z: 80% of TikTok users are between the ages 16-34, and 26% are between 25-44. Additionally, the majority of TikTok’s users are female (61% in the U.S.). If your audience is young females, TikTok might be the place for you. If your target audience is older and heavily male, TikTok is probably not the right platform for your company.

Is the tone of my brand right for this platform? According to Forbes, TikTok features more lighthearted content. It is not a serious platform, but rather fun, visually pleasing and, of course, trendy. In some cases, it is considered to be a more “authentic” platform with less heavily-edited content. Does what you’re marketing align with this more youthful, lighthearted tone? Or, are you selling tax software? If the latter, perhaps reconsider. Also consider that TikTok is best for awareness and engagement, as opposed to a hard sell.

Can my brand create content to fit this platform? On TikTok, you’re limited to just one type of content: videos. You can’t post images or text alone. So, you need to consider the type of content you’ll be able to produce. You will need to be able to create creative, entertaining and engaging video content, which takes time and effort. It can take hours to create a minute long video when you take into account filming, editing, and captioning the video. Consider this time investment as you evaluate TikTok.

Furthermore, can my brand create appropriate, and effective content to fit this platform? So you may have the capability to produce and edit videos, but will the content be appropriate and effective? TikTok’s algorithm feeds users videos based on their viewing habits, which has resulted in various niche content communities such as #BookTok, #DogsofTikTok, #SkinTok (skincare), #SpiritualTok, #FitTok, etc. The niche communities to be found on TikTok are truly endless. Creating content for these niche communities is one strategy to reach your target audience. And we of course can’t forget the constantly changing trends. Being trendy is perhaps another strategy, but dare not fall behind since these trends are ever-changing.

After asking yourself these questions, do you think your brand is a good fit on TikTok? Or, will you stick with your tried-and-true platforms? Drop us a line and let us know!

There’s of course another way to think about how your brand can leverage TikTok, and that is with advertising. If you’re curious about advertising on TikTok, check out our blog here.




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