Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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President and CEO Darrell Jackson On Why Companies Enlist Agencies

Recently, Jackson Marketing, Motorsports & Events President and CEO Darrell Jackson, spoke to South Carolina business publication, Greenville CEO, about why companies engage with agencies, particularly, when it comes to brand strategy development.

Optimized-Darrell Jackson cropped“We have clients who tell us: ‘I have the overall brand strategy for the company, but let’s talk about a specific product; let’s talk about a specific division; let’s talk about a specific group;’ and we’ll work with them on that,” says Darrell.

Companies also turn to agencies for help with brand overhauls and repositioning, especially when an organization’s actual growth is not aligning with projected growth. “So, they need to reevaluate, start from scratch, and ask ‘why are we here and what are we doing?’” says Darrell. “[In other cases], they may have a great foundation, but they just need to tweak it, and we’re here to help them.”

Businesses often find that they do not have the internal resources needed to effectively roll out a new product, marketing initiative or public relations campaign. In addition to brand consulting, Jackson offers a wide range of services to help companies execute on their strategies. This includes hands-on tactics such as product launches, corporate events and media outreach.

To learn more about Jackson’s integrated service offerings, we invite you to contact us and start a conversation.


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