Monday, June 17, 2019

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President and CEO Darrell Jackson on the Importance of Strategy

Recently, Darrell Jackson, President and CEO of Jackson Marketing, Motorsports & Events, sat down for a video interview with South Carolina business publication, Greenville CEO, to talk about trends in marketing and communication.

“The evolution between marketing and public relations goes back and forth,” notes Darrell. “Some clients will invest heavily in the marketing side and take PR internal; others will outsource PR and bring marketing in-house. From the PR or the marketing side, we are still strong advocates of brand strategy.”

Darrell-Jackson-300x300In an era where communication channels are becoming increasingly prolific, the need for a cohesive marketing and communication strategy is now more important than ever. “Before you start a website, before you start a blog, or even a social media platform, there’s got to be strategy behind it,” continues Darrell. Companies, however, often confuse strategy development with the design of a tactical approach. As a result, success is measured by the effectiveness of a communication channel instead of assessing how Marcom, as a whole, supports a company’s business objectives.

As strategy plays a fundamental role in the success of marketing and communication campaigns, finding an agency that understands how to both develop and implement a strategy is critical. At Jackson, we help organizations seamlessly align their communication, marketing and business goals. While we have deep expertise in execution, we like to begin with a solid understanding of the thinking behind the tactics. Without a clear strategy, companies will find that, while their teams engage in a lot of activity, their efforts will yield few, if any, meaningful results.


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