Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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Game-Changing Brands on Social Media: YouTube

All good things must come to an end. Kind of like this blog series. Last up in the game-changing brands on social media series is the great, wide world of YouTube. It can be tricky to know what to look for on this platform when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. Case in point, what possesses users to make a video go viral? I mean, really. Normal hygiene products such as deodorant and body wash. A journey (albeit extreme) about providing customer service off the beaten path. Or even a daring stunt over a canyon. There has to be more to it than “it’s just a cool video,” right?

Right. Let’s get into it.


LEGO (15M Subscribers) 

Don’t @ me. I know there’s nothing worse than the pain of stepping on a LEGO piece that was camouflaged in the carpet. Deep breaths, people. Alright, so LEGO is a household name, but what’s interesting about their YouTube channel? To start, they appeal to their 15 million-plus subscribers with their wide array of content. Tutorials? Check. Whiz-kid builds? Definitely. Top-secret, behind-the-scenes exclusives? For sure. And every single video tells a story.

LEGO shines a spotlight on architects, designers and normal people who revel in colorful, 3-D puzzles. But their videos are rarely just about the finished product. They focus on the thought and creativity that went into a specific build. Mastering the brushstrokes in The Starry Night. The painstaking effort behind a replica of Elvis Presley. The long hours behind an exterior (and interior!) build of the Titanic. They tell the story about the inspiration and drive for a specific project. And sometimes they just want to share the “magical magnificence” that is LEGO (@Alicia Keys).

Side note. LEGO Design Master. How do we get that gig?!

The North Face (462K Subscribers)

People can be pretty freaking amazing. There’s nothing we love more than a story of perseverance and the strength to overcome. The North Face has found their sweet spot in stepping back and allowing their influencers to share their aspirations and celebrate their achievements with the world while outfitted in their gear.

What’s remarkable about their strategy is how easy it is to become invested in the outcome of the story and forget that you’re watching partnership content. That’s how effective their video storytelling is, and their impressive viewership reflects that. Mesmerizing editing plus jaw-dropping narratives ensure their content hits home and encourage viewers to put their products to the test in the great outdoors.

Red Bull (10.6M Subscribers)

A F1 car tearing through New York City. Wingsuit flying near the pyramids of Giza. Parkour racing across the streets of Mumbai. That’s sweet and all, but what does any of it have to do with Red Bull? Well, everything.

True to their slogan, Red Bull shows how you can tackle the insurmountable with the help of a timely boost and some wings. Whether they’re spotlighting athletes in their element or producing creative “mini films,” Red Bull is all about making the seemingly impossible…possible. The stories they tell, real or otherwise, leave viewers with a desire to get in on the action. Red Bull utilizes their YouTube channel (and the 12 additional sidebars ranging from gaming to motorsports) to attract viewers from all walks of life with the kind of stories that leave you wanting more.


Here we go. The final takeaway of the blog series. Ready? YouTube should be used for more than just a platform to “store” your video content. It should serve as the heart of your brand’s storytelling. Let’s be honest. We’re much more willing to watch content than read it. Fact of the matter is, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. YouTube is the perfect opportunity to share your brand’s narrative visually. Don’t sleep on this. I know it’s not TikTok or Instagram, but it’s the dark horse in the social media race. IMO.

Trust us, we know. Social media marketing requires a lot of time, energy and attention. It’s not something that can be crossed off your to-do list during your lunch break. If you’re looking for an overhaul, fine tuning or just someone to explain what on Earth is happening with Instagram right now, we’ve got you. Send us a DM. @ us on social. Tag us in a cry for help. It’s our social team’s version of the Bat Signal. And we’re here to help.



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