Product Training
Train the trainers. (The multi-million dollar trainers.)


Michelin has hundreds of tire dealers across North America, which make new light truck product education similar to herding cats in a room full of fireworks.

The Michelin Dealer Network needed consistent product details, hands-on experience and effective tips on how to sell new products to consumers. They couldn't rely on their resident experts, their genius engineers. Why? Have you ever heard a presentation from a genius engineer?



Jackson knows tires. And we know how to sell them. Michelin approached us and asked us to slap on a Michelin logo and sell the heck out of their new products. Naturally, we were born for this.

We now host 55+ new product demos for Michelin dealers and their salespeople in their Michelin Sales Training Center in Vermont, home to the Light Truck Demo HQ. This is high-level education and product experience, which includes:

  • Product Presentation & Education
  • iPad Workbooks, Photos & Event Video
  • Event Management
  • Product Demos
  • Ride-and-Drive Exercises
  • Trail Rides


When guests think you work for Michelin, you must be doing something right. Jackson has helped hundreds of Michelin dealers and their salespeople earn their Light Truck certificate, who then sold millions of dollars' worth of tires. Jackson also now manages Ultra-High Performance tire training for Michelin at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake and Laurens Proving Grounds in Laurens, South Carolina.