Michelin Truck
A web presence as innovative and performance-oriented as their truck tires.


When a website with outdated technology reminds you of grandma's attic, cluttered with a hodge-podge of dolls and antiques, we don't force web users to just deal with it. We clean it up.

Michelin Americas Truck Tires wanted to revamp their web presence, creating a new site that was responsive, intuitive and integrated with their overall marketing program. They wanted to change the way customers shopped for Michelin products—starting with an expanded, fully responsive version of the site for mobile devices.

Michelin Truck Website
Michelin Truck Website


Through a web usability study, we found that Michelin's existing website needed an extreme makeover—most of that content was useless for the new site. Our discovery phase included stakeholder interviews, analysis of Google analytics, an in-depth web usability study with target customers and a review of existing site information, architecture, navigation and technology.

Then we drew on that knowledge to create a new, comprehensive site from the ground up. Industry-leading advanced calculator tools. Complex responsive design. A client-side MVC architecture backed by a newly built API (similar approach to websites like,, Plus a smoother interface, quicker download times and ability to interface with other Michelin-brand sites.

Michelin Truck Website


Arguably, is one of the largest, most complex responsive sites on the web, providing an ideal user experience on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. Michelin was happy. In fact, they said it would redefine the way they sold tires.