What’s the No. 1 Concern with Programmatic Ads?

The future of advertising is in automation and programmatic buying, according to eMarketer. In 2015, programmatic will make up half (50%) of digital display advertising in the U.S.

You may be considering programmatic ads for the first time, or maybe you’re already on the bandwagon, but take a minute to consider your fellow marketers’ major concerns with programmatic ads and be aware.

Buyer Beware

The No. 1 concern among respondents is brand safety when purchasing ads programmatically.

Integral Ad Science explains brand safety this way: “Not all advertising environments align with brand image. Whether explicitly unsavory, overtly suggestive or slightly off-color, online content can tarnish brand image with a single ad placement.”

No. 2 concern among agency professionals and marketers varied slightly but it all comes down to viewability: is the inventory viewable and who is viewing it. If bot (or nonhuman) traffic is counted as “view” or “impression” in CPM (cost per impression), that is ad fraud.

Primary Concerns with Programmatic Ad Inventory |Create infographics

We’ve already explained the pros and cons of direct media buying vs. programmatic buying so we won’t rehash that here. However, we must stress the importance of having a reliable media buying partner.

It’s very important you partner with a media buying or marketing firm that values what you value whether that’s ad fraud, brand safety, human impressions or all of the above. For the best results, you should partner with someone who uses a combination of technology, human monitoring and third-party data and validation.

While suppliers and publishers work to get their inventory in order, partner with a buyer that has your best interests at heart.