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What is a Copywriter?

If you’ve ever passed a billboard, read an ad in a magazine or listened to a radio commercial, then you have seen the work of a copywriter. But what is a copywriter exactly?

Since copywriters love definitions and thesauruses, let’s start with the formal definition of copywriter. Copywriter (noun): A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Someone should tell Merriam-Webster that copywriters do more than just write ads. Being a copywriter takes creativity, innovation and intelligence. Since even the dictionary has trouble defining exactly what a copywriter does, the general public probably has a lot of misconceptions too. Let us debunk a few myths to help you better understand what copywriters do.

Myth #1: Copywriters only write.laptop-2434393

Copywriters do much more than just write up brochures and create witty headlines. Copywriters are involved in the creative process from the ground up. Designers and writers work closely together in the brainstorming, strategy and overall message process before anything goes on paper or on a MacBook. Think of designers and writers as the PB&J of the whole advertising sandwich. Copywriters don’t just write one-off pieces, we tell brand stories over a collection of ads, billboards, websites, emails and more. We’re more than the words, we’re the actual voice.

Myth #2: Copywriters only write ads.
Not even close, especially at an agency. Copywriters write for radio slots, commercial and video scripts, professional speeches, blogs, email blasts and more. While ads are certainly a big part of what we do, they aren’t all we do. Working for several clients at a time on various projects keeps the entertainment coming. On any given day we could be writing a script for a commercial, preparing email blasts to deploy to thousands of people or brainstorming ideas for a company’s new name or strapline that will stick with them forever. There are no limits to what you can create as a copywriter.

small-magazine-806073-1Myth #3: Writers don’t get to talk to clients.

Writers are often heavily involved in meetings with clients and pitches to big brands. A client may have an idea that they need help verbalizing or turning into a campaign. Writers are there to ask questions, present ideas, put the pieces together and discuss best practices with the team and the clients. Writers even pitch their ideas and help score new business for their agency and company.

Myth #4: Only English majors become copywriters.
Of course, English majors make great copywriters! But don’t count yourself out if you don’t know Shakespeare. Successful copywriters often come from public relations, marketing or advertising backgrounds. If you have wit, technical writing skills and a big imagination, you’d make a great copywriter.

Myth #5: Copywriters copyright things.
When people hear the word “copywriter,” they often hear “copyright” which is not the same. One refers to legal ownership rights and the other refers to actual writing. We can’t copyright your new business name or lyrics, but we can write them for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about copywriting as a career path, we would be happy to chat and answer your questions. If you are a business in need of copywriting services, Jackson Marketing Group is ready to help you bring life and personality to your brand.

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