Viral videos we wish we produced

The most memorable viral videos in 2012 range from a father shooting 8 bullets through his rebellious daughter’s laptop to a behind-the-back touchdown pass. These videos contain authenticity, shock effect, humor and amazing stunts.

Even though our video department creates excellent commercials and brand videos for clients, we do sometimes experience viral video envy.

Here’s a list of viral videos we would’ve produced…except someone else got to them first.

1. My personal favorite, produced by PepsiMax, is Uncle Drew.

2. Patrick Boivin introduces Iron Baby’s little brother—Dragon Baby.

3. As if the “Big Bird presidential debate” wasn’t memorable enough, BadLipReading takes the edge off and lets us roll on the floor laughing at this voice-over.

4. Nike Football gives us two of the world’s biggest athletes in a battle racket-to-foot in a battle of explosive speed.

5. In case you missed any major events in 2012, Ryan James Yezak presents 2012 in 4 minutes.

6. Let’s end this post Gangnam–style. 1 billion views. Need I say more?

The previous 6 videos went viral – commercials, brand videos, professional video producers – not one of them is a TV blooper or home video. Don’t we all want our brand videos to go viral? Our commercials to be seen by millions without having to spend millions? We sure do! So let’s see what awesome videos we can produce in 2013.