Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Experiential Marketing

Video: Five Mistakes That Can Kill Your Experiential Marketing Program – Part 3

In this video, Jackson CMO David Jones discusses experiential marketing and mistake #3 that can kill your experiential marketing program, the mistake of believing that there is a silver bullet.

Video transcript:

Mistake #3 that can kill your experiential marketing program is the mistake of believing that there’s a silver bullet.

The number-one question that we get from new clients and from prospects is, “What is the single thing that I need to do to move my brand forward?” And unfortunately, the answer is there’s no single thing; there is no silver bullet out there.

For years, marketers have been predicting that there are silver bullets. You go all the way back to the 30s and the 40s, before any of us were alive, and the worry was that radio was going to kill print. In the 50s and in the 60s, television was going to kill radio. In the 90s, the internet was going to kill television, and today social media is going to kill everything. And guess what? None of those predictions have come true. The pie has gotten larger; there are now more slices and smaller slices within the pie because there are more tools out there for our use. But there is no silver bullet.

Interesting stat I read the other day in a survey by MRI of over 25,000 adults, and I had to go back and look at the survey three different times because, quite honestly, I didn’t believe it. But MRI’s survey says, “Ninety-one percent of adults still read print magazines.” Ninety-one percent! Guess what demographic group it is highest in—Millennials. Millennials are the highest consumer of print advertising. Now does that mean that print advertising is what we’re recommending to all of our clients? No, not necessarily. But my point is, it hasn’t died like people predicted that it would. And this is important to realize (even as we talk about experiential marketing) because experiential marketing, as wonderful as it is, can’t do everything. We still need advertising to build awareness. We still need websites to deliver information. We still need social media to create post-event dialogue and community with consumers. It’s about integrating all of these things together in a way that talks to customers and talks to consumers where they are on the customer journey, with the information and with the inspiration that they need to have.

So anyone who thinks there is a silver bullet inside or outside of experiential marketing is wasting their time.



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