Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Uncommon Creativity

If you ever visit Jackson’s office, you’ll witness a lot of creativity. In some cases, it’s hard to miss because it hangs on our walls: advertisements we’ve designed for clients, conference room names, images from events we’ve executed, scribbles on windows and whiteboards.

But if you look a bit closer, you’ll find creativity in some less obvious places. It’s in the colorful visualizations drawn from rows and rows of data. It’s in the lines of code developing digital apps for our clients. It’s in the logistics of our warehouse, where we store and track everything from tires to tablecloths. It’s in the solution we found to safely run a wire across an active racetrack (ask me about that one later).

Every agency will tell you they’re creative. Jackson will tell you we’re uncommonly creative because we take pride in being creative in all areas, not just advertising or branding (though we are really good at that creativity, too). We look for the best solutions to our clients’ problems, and we find them even if they aren’t always the most obvious or the easiest.

We can proudly claim uncommon creativity as a pillar of our business because it is found in every aspect of our business. It is found in accounting, in research, in web development, in logistics. And, it is found in every person that comes to work here at Jackson.

So, if you’re interested in hearing the story about the wire across a racetrack or any of the other ways we are uncommonly creative here at Jackson, just give us a call.


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Kristie GraySmith
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