Traditional, Schmaditional…

In a recent motorsports meeting, I was blindsided by the fact that one of our newest “business” partners was trying to go around us to the main client in a tacit, possibly deceptive way. After the red flags and sirens died down in my head, I realized that they were trying to be smarter with their investments. ‘Working smarter, but not harder,’ if you will. Shouldn’t we as an agency, be doing the same thing?

Rise of Competitiveness

I’ve noticed that now more than ever creativity, mixed with proactivity, is necessary to surviving and keeping a successful marketing program. The narrow idea that marketing is only about branding and selling no longer holds true. You have to provide for your clients like no one else can.

Companies are now viewing their marketing campaigns and agencies like racers view their equipment—by examining, evaluating and analyzing all aspects of your business. This not only promotes improvement in the internal processes and strategies, but also causes harsh scrutiny for the agency. This forces the agency to prove themselves with the how’s, why’s and who’s, and creates a strong competitive nature to keep the business.

The rise of competitiveness between agencies forces each group to concentrate on their strengths and lose the willingness to suck up to their clients. I mean, how many times have you looked at another agency’s work and scoffed out loud to your peers, but secretly adore what they did?

Working Smarter

Knowing what we know now, putting together a marketing plan that reaches an audience of 500,000 people may not always be the best option. You are in heavy competition with many other agencies, so instead of thinking bigger for your client, think smarter so you actually hit their audience. Marketing ain’t what it used to be, right?!

What are you doing for your clients to show them that you are the best?