The Old Spice Guy Returns For Today’s Duel

Today is the day you have been waiting for: Old Spice Guy’s return to viral fame.

The Old Spice Guy takes his tall, dark and handsomeness to in order to meet his most deadly rival: “a certain man with hair who uses a very harsh and heavily accented vernacular.” Who is this man who has dared to challenge the Old Spice Guy? Fabio.

Don’t miss this ultimate duel on July 26 at noon EST.

With its humorous appeal, the original Old Spice campaign is a great example of advertising seamlessly woven through social media and traditional media. Old Spice’s first campaign in 2010 went viral, and Old Spice Guy’s return is sure to be…revealing.

Watch the trailer below, and we know you won’t miss “Mano a Mano in El BaƱo.”