PowerPoint Victims In Decline

Have you experienced the worst form of psychological cruelty? Watching time slowly fade away…as each droned syllable coming from the presenter’s lips makes less and less sense…slide after boring slide. The room melts into a void…and then you die.

Another meaningless death by PowerPoint. Sad.

Business audiences often get an overdose of PowerPoint slides. Each slide is packed with an overload of facts, multi-colored text and unreadable paragraphs layered on busy, patterned backgrounds. Often, this type of visual support is accompanied by a presenter who merely reads directly from the slides in an hour-long lecture.

Meanwhile, the audience is thinking: “Great! Just what we needed. Someone please save the women and children first!”

We recognize that there are circumstances when presenters need to use PowerPoint. However, it is often the presenter who just didn’t know another option existed.

And yes, this other option is free.

A new sheriff is in town

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation program that uses the whiteboard concept. With an endless digital whiteboard available, your ideas, photos and video can come alive on a digital canvas. The end result of most Prezi web presentations seems more like a movie. The digital canvas, zooming capability and video-like transitions make all the difference.

Users like Prezi because of its interactive visual support—people will more often remember key points because they are engaged in the presentation.

The Prezi advantage

Prezi lives online in the “cloud,” which means you don’t have to carry around a USB stick or an entire laptop. Prezi conveniently stores your presentations publicly or privately on their servers, which allows you to work on your presentations remotely. For this web solution, all you need is an Internet connection.

The online Prezi software produces very smooth professional-looking animations and supports a wide array of imported files, including Mp3, Jpeg, Pdf, Flash, Youtube videos and PowerPoint slides.

For a relatively small yearly membership, users can also get limited storage and desktop downloads. With this paid upgrade, you choose who can edit your Prezi files, and you choose who sees your files. Although most Prezi presentations live in the cloud, one can build and save a Prezi offline using their stand-alone desktop application.

Prezi offers a large online community of support to help users learn their software and even get up to speed with their latest features. Sometimes, the coolest Prezi’s are all about how to use Prezi!

Prezi wins over many users

While PowerPoint has a few advantages, such as speaker notes and pre-built themes, ultimately, Prezi is where the future of presentations is going. It has gained momentum among presenters, especially in the education and business industries.

Recently, the company celebrated the 10-million user mark, proving that it very well may be the next revolutionary presentation tool.

Poor PowerPoint.

Don’t miss out on this free web presentation solution. To learn more about Prezi visit www.prezi.com.