Marketing Trends Watch 2019—PART 6: Tactics at the Tipping Point

As we wrap up our series on marketing trends that brands should keep their eyes on as planning begins for 2019, we take a look at what’s next, including three marketing tactics that are close to or at the tipping point.

The first is Apps as Everyday Necessities. Much more than cool features, apps are now necessities for driving, checking the weather, online shopping and a lot more. For 2019, brands should consider what might be a useful and necessary app within their industries.

The second is Augmented Reality. Finding ways to use augmented reality and make it relevant to your target audiences is a real opportunity. Think about brands that use AR to place furniture in a room in your house so that you can see how a new chair or sofa would look before you purchase it. Other AR opportunities exist as a way to show products not yet available or to show the features of high-end products that retailers may not be able to stock.

The third tactic is Non-Visual Experiences, especially voice-activated devices. Research shows that by 2022, 55 percent of U.S. households will have a voice-activated device. So, rather than changing the television channel with a remote, we’ll ask Alexa to change it.

Hear more about these marketing tactics from Jackson CMO David Jones: