Marketing Trends Watch 2019—Part 1: Building Trust

What are the marketing trends that brands should keep their eyes on as planning begins for 2019? We believe there are six, and Jackson EVP and Chief Marketing Officer David Jones will explore each one in a video series that begins with Building Trust.

Trust building is the Holy Grail of branding. In the past, brands could control what consumers thought about them by product availability, what they told consumers about their products through paid advertising and what the media said about their products through public relations efforts.

But all of that has been turned upside down in today’s environment. The internet has disrupted traditional distribution models and advertising no longer is the automatic way to reach consumers. Additionally, traditional public relations tactics have given way to social media and user-generated content.

Because of these changes, brand authenticity and accountability are more important than ever before. Hear more from Jackson’s David Jones about building trust for your brand.