Jackson’s Most Frequently Asked Questions: Social Media

How much should I spend on marketing? How do you make a post go viral? Should I buy an ad in the Super Bowl?

As marketers, we get asked a lot of questions. And a lot of times our answer is “that depends,” which we realize is probably not helpful. But there are a lot of things to consider when engaging in marketing endeavors, and no two clients are the same!

In this blog series, we intend to expound on why exactly “it depends,” and give some slightly more helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Here are Parts 1 and 2 of this series in case you missed them or want to look at again:

This week: Social Media FAQs:

Q: Can you make this post go viral?

A: While we wish it were that simple, forcing something to be viral isn’t possible. If it were, everything would be viral! However, you can ensure positive engagement through posting interactive, timely and authentic content that allows users to see your brand’s personality.

Q: To increase our impressions, shouldn’t we post more times in a day?

A: Unfortunately, posting more often throughout the day would have an adverse effect on engagement. Social media algorithms place posts in users’ feeds based off the users’ proclivity to interact and engage with content. In other words, users will see more of your posts if they historically interact with your content. When posting multiple times in a day, you force your posts to compete against each other for a position in your followers’ feeds. To increase impressions, quality of posts is more important than quantity.

Q: What content should we post?

A: While many think this is an easy question to answer, it actually requires a keen understanding of your followers, competitors’ social media and industry best practices. However, there are some general guidelines:

  • First, utilize content that creates rapport with your target audience. Do this by providing solutions to challenges they face, creating compelling narratives and implementing content that shows your brand is human—thus creating an emotional connection.
  • Second, utilize “thumb-stopping” visuals. This is content that is aesthetically pleasing, standout or compelling imagery, embedded video, infographics or “people shots.” People shots especially help to create a connection with your audience as they can visualize themselves using the product or see the individuals behind the brand.
  • Lastly, utilize content that is appropriate for your delivery method. Whether posting to your feed or stories, organic or paid campaigns, or third-party endorsements and testimonials, ensure your content is aligned to that medium. For example, you may have a great graphic to highlight an upcoming event. The appropriate medium for posting to Instagram would be stories, as it allows you to reach your audience but also keep your feed visually appealing.