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Jackson’s Favorite Projects of 2022

We have lot of fun at Jackson. That’s no secret. From the racetrack to the office to the roads in between, we’re always working on something exciting. But at the pace we move, once a project is in the rearview, it’s easy to overlook how fun or challenging (in a good way) it actually was.

That’s why we wanted to give our team the chance to reflect on some of their favorite projects from the past year. They got to reminisce, and we got to find out what kind of work excites and enlivens our team and understand what they view as successes. The result? A wonderful compilation of projects, accomplishments, lessons and experiences that really represent what uncommon collaboration, uncommon creativity and The Golden Rule are all about.

Here’s a look back at some of our team’s favorite work from last year, as shared by a few of our associates:


Michelin Tweel Photoshoot/Video Production

“It was a great video/photoshoot with flawless execution, excellent planning and very pleased clients. I love to see how the team transforms the raw content into something enticing for the brand’s customers….and it helps that the clients are really thrilled with it!” – Monique Bearden, Account Supervisor



INEOS Grenadier Product Launch Pitch

“I saw one of Jackson’s core values, Uncommon Collaboration, play out in the development of the INEOS Grenadier proposal. Chad Rucker (from the creative team) came out to the warehouse and asked me to look into the vehicle and see if it was something that would be a good fit for the Overlanding industry. We then sat down and had a short conversation on recommended Overlanding media outlets, accessory products and other big brands for vehicle modification and outfitting. Being an aspiring Overland enthusiast with a semi-built-out vehicle for backcountry adventure camping, I felt very honored that he thought to come and ask for my recommendations. It wasn’t until after the “BIG’ presentation day that I found out most of my recommended ideas actually made it to the final product presented to the client! I saw how Jackson leans into their people no matter where they work within the company. After all, we are here to best serve our clients by providing exceptional work, and to push Jackson forward.” – Dan Cherney, Warehouse Operations

“It was a ton of fun finding ways to stand out to a brand we were all excited about. Then, finding out we nailed it was icing on the cake.” – Heidi Burgess, Copywriter



Marketing Strategy Proposal

“It was a learning experience. I knew very little about the brand and the product [that we were pitching], which added to the surprise and delight that the creative team offered, as it was clear they knew the brand, the product and the industry segment. Seeing them shine and their work clearly impress the potential client was exciting and the energy was contagious.” – Todd Steen, Executive Director, Business Development



Client Sales Banquet

“The Sales Banquet was my favorite project I worked on last year because I got to experience the full lifecycle of the project. Starting with kicking off the project at Jackson and watching our creative team let their imaginations run wild, then solidifying a creative concept and moving items into production, to finally attending the event and getting to see all of the ideas brought to life. This is a project that required a lot of time and a lot work, but it was incredibly satisfying to see everyone’s effort pay off with a great event.” –Sydney Hall, Account Coordinator

“The Sales Banquet was my favorite project because the client really trusted our team to make the event great and it involved so much collaboration and creativity from start to finish. The creative team came up with fantastic theme ideas that really pleased the client. Then so many Jackson associates contributed to the event—from copy, design and production to video, photography and event planning. My team helped with the actual event and were able to see the incredibly positive response from our client and their team. It was so successful, the client engaged us soon after to start planning for the next year’s event.” – Kasey Tant, Account Supervisor



Baja 1000 Race, Marketing and Hospitality

“It truly demonstrated uncommon collaboration, creativity and the golden rule. The amount of collaboration and planning needed to host over 50 guests and 100+ race volunteers in Mexico was amazing. The creativity of everything from invitations to gifts to on-site adjustments was critical. And treating volunteers and guests the way that we would want to be treated was the crowning achievement.” – David Jones, Executive Vice President, CMO

“Because of the challenge this race provides, and the Jackson team that works together to make it happen, there’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment once a project like this is finished.” – Nate Hunt, Motorsports Race Operations Director      



BFGoodrich Central Communications Logistics

“I get to take ownership of a big project and work with others I don’t typically work with.” – Karis Lane, DOT & Logistics Project Manager



Sports Afield Augmented Reality

“It’s innovative tech, it’s challenging, it’s profitable, and it’s work we’re proud to show in our portfolio.” – Blake Ross, Lead Front-End Developer




Michelin and BFGoodrich Point-of-Sale Materials

“This project allowed me to select creative stand designs that I thought were unique and different.  Additionally, it provided incredible satisfaction to see those designs brought to life through working with metal fabricators and finishing companies.” – Jeff Kazlauskas, Production Supervisor



IMSA Race, Hospitality and Marketing Support

“The amount of pre planning that no one knows about, and the fact that it couldn’t happen without the Jackson team makes this event really stand out. Plus, the 24 hours race itself is the biggest adrenaline rush of the year.” – Andy Gibbons, Tire Inventory Manager

“These solo trips went smoothly, and at VIR I was able to give my first pit road tour.” – Cody Halsell, Program Representative




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