Jackson Motorsports to the Rescue!

Cannery Row, Calif., May 22, 2010

Jackson Marketing Group truly does whatever it takes.

While out in California providing tire support for ALMS, JMG motorsports team members took time to provide support to the Marine Mammal Center Rescue Team.

Mark Alabran, Nick DeAngelo, Bob Valencic, Brad Henson, and Mike Rhinehart spotted a sea lion on the beach, but when they got in closer, they realized something was wrong. After the MMC Rescue Team was summoned, Mark volunteered their help, and the rescue was underway!

The MMC Rescue Team shared with our team that the sea lion was dehydrated and most likely pregnant. The JMG “Rescue Team” sprang to action carrying a large dog transporter to the beach while the MMC Rescue Team netted the sea lion. Nick pulled the netted sea lion onto the dog transporter by inserting the rope through a hole in the back of the transporter. After loading the sea lion into the dog transporter, the JMG Rescue Team lifted the entire transporter and carried her around the rocks up to the Marine Mammal Center’s truck. She was then transported to the veterinarian’s office where she was to receive an IV and any other necessary medical care before being released back to the ocean.

Way to go guys! Two lives were saved.

For more on sea lion habitation in California, visit National Geographic.