Is life without the Internet worth living?

What emotions do you experience when your Internet shuts down? Let’s say you walk into work, log in to your computer, select a web browser and… (BAM!) error message… no Internet. Despair? Frustration? Serenity?

It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have the Internet. How did we ever live without it?

46% of American adults say it would be impossible to voluntarily give up the Internet.

You know those vacations you take to “get away.” And then when you’re away, you get so frustrated when your cell phone doesn’t get five-bar reception.

You should have seen my two teenage kids earlier this month when I told them in order to enter the Masters golf tournament, they had to leave their cell phones in the car. Separation anxiety. Heck, it wasn’t much easier for me.

44% of us say we can’t live without our cell phones.

What about your friends on Facebook, your LinkedIn connections and your Google hangouts, would you be willing to live without them? Break up with them?

10% of American adults think social media would be very hard, nearly impossible, to give up.

Post-1989 we have information and communication at our fingertips. Our business and personal lives will never be the same because the World Wide Web has left its mark.

Happy 25th birthday to the Internet. May you always be thriving. May you always have storage and servers, networks and infrastructure. May technology continue to thrive, and life on planet Earth be a little bit sweeter.

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Technology Fast Facts and World Wide Web's 25th birthday