How to Get a Job at a Marketing Agency

So, you want to work at a Marketing Agency? There are specific things we look for here at Jackson, and likely many other agencies do as well. Here are the top tips for landing a coveted job at the coolest agency in town.


  • It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure this is a job that is interesting and you could see yourself enjoying before you apply!
  • Make sure you’ve read the job description and customized your cover letter and resume to speak to the specific role. If you’re using the same cover letter and resume every time you apply for a job, you’re missing a golden opportunity to stand out by tailoring your message to your audience (kind of like marketing, right?).

Interview Prep

  • Acquaint yourself with the agency by thoroughly reviewing their website. Check out their clients, the services they offer and the work they do.
  • Research some commonly asked interview questions and be prepared to answer them. Level up by being prepared to answer in a way that ties back to the agency’s business. This may seem unnecessary, but it’s painfully obvious when a candidate isn’t prepared in this way.
  • Prepare at least three, but ideally five questions to ask your interviewers about the job, the agency or their personal experience and background.
  • Print copies of your resume or work samples.

In the Interview

  • If the interviewer doesn’t have a copy of your resume or work samples in front of them, have them available to offer.
  • Take notes to demonstrate your engagement and that you want to remember the details.
  • Be specific in your responses and offer examples. Instead of, “I am a detail-oriented person.” Try something like, “I enjoy details and keep ongoing task lists, a detailed daily calendar and also manage a shared Outlook calendar with my team to make sure I don’t miss any anything.”
  • Ask at least three of your prepared questions. If the interviewer has already answered them during the course of the interview, you can always ask them to expound more on what they revealed earlier. “You’ve already mentioned that a typical day in this role would include working with multiple clients. Can you tell me more about what that looks like or give some examples?”
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality. A culture fit is just as important as a skills fit at an agency!