Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I was never much of a motorcycle fan – no one in my family rode, so I didn’t have many occasions to consider it as an option. Frankly, I had many of the usual stereotypes of riders in my head, mainly a group of rough, tough and gruff men. I’m grateful for the opportunities to work on events in the riding community, where I’ve learned that my stereotypes were very, very wrong.

For most riders, it’s not a sport or a hobby – it’s a way of life, an art form. Riding is freedom. It’s an escape from reality. A runner will talk of the stress relief of a run. A motorcyclist finds stress relief in a good ride, with the wind in their face (read: helmet) and the challenges of twisty roads. Once on the bike, the rider has to leave behind the stress of the moment to concentrate on the road, the curves, the riding.

For women riders, there are additional challenges to riding, including more negative stereotypes and difficulty being taken seriously by male riders.

Jackson Marketing Group has the pleasure of working with some phenomenal women riders. They ride street, off-road and track. These women are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, executives, and entrepreneurs. They travel the country and in some cases, the world, on their motorcycles. They speak at conferences and educate future riders. They are passionate about riding; they are passionate about safety. Once they put on their gear and their helmets, they are no longer male or female, executive or mom. At that point, they are solely a rider, riding for independence, adventure, clarity and more.

I admire these women for the time they dedicate to women and motorcycling, for the times they speak at conferences and teach classes. I admire these women for the encouragement they provide others new to riding or those considering it. I admire these women for their humor, their balance, their patience, and their strength.

July is Women’s Motorcycle month, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate all those women who find themselves and their freedom on a motorcycle. I especially want to thank Megan, Moira, Emily and Alisa for seeking to better women and motorcycling and the world.

For more information on the adventures some of these spectacular women who have assisted JMG, check out Elite Track Days and Moto Adventure Gal.