Filming in Stop. Motion. Stop. Motion.

Stop-motion films have arrested my attention—films featuring creative stories and displaying innovative camera capabilities. I am amazed.

I’ll even share my favorite examples of stop-motion films.

  1. Watch an adventurous 9mm girl named Dot dart through a microscopic world.
  2. See a life-size art gallery created using Post-it notes.
  3. Travel along with Gulp and you’ll see the world’s largest stop-motion animation set.
  4. Learn more about JMG, including our video production capabilities, by watching this 7-minute agency tour.

(Can you believe that the cameras used for two of those intricate films are as small as a Nokia N8 mobile phone camera? Amazing.)

Video is a fantastic marketing tool! As easy as it is to share a video on YouTube or Vimeo, B to B companies should be utilizing this tool more often.

Why? According to MarketingProfs, end users or buyers want a multimedia experience to learn more about your company or products.

Fun stories combined with cool techniques, such as stop-motion, make for riveting films. Find a story your company can tell, plot the characters and action, and share the results!

How are you using video to reach your audience?