Don’t Let Your Website Fall Into the Slow Cooker Trap

Your website is an essential channel for attracting, engaging and converting customers. It’s a powerful marketing tool and yet we often treat it like it’s a “set-it and forget-it” slow cooker recipe. Instead, I think a website should be likened to a traditional risotto, requiring constant stirring to be even palatable.

To find out just what “stirring” major B2B brands most often engage in, we sponsored a Website Optimization Survey which interviewed marketing professionals from around the world. Website Optimization Benchmarks for the B2B Marketing Channel represents the views of 182 survey respondents who are dedicated to business-to-business marketing.

Without sharing all the juicy details from the study, we created this infographic to help answer some basic questions:

  • What is website optimization?
  • How many companies see their website as a successful lead generating tool?
  • What are the most challenging obstacles to website optimization?
  • Is a small budget the only reason companies don’t optimize their websites?
  • Why do so few B2B companies personalize their website, despite its proven success?

Don’t set-it and forget-it. Continually optimize your website to its full potential. Implement what others have learned from their web personalization and optimization experiences.

To access the full study data, along with helpful insights and resources related to website optimization, download the full report now – it’s free.