Creativity—a ‘Bear’ Necessity

The title of Account Coordinator has never screamed creative genius, and to be quite frank, I don’t know that it should. However, no matter what position is held or what responsibility is given, creativity proves to be a necessity in today’s market – and honestly always has.

We interface with creativity on a daily, almost minute-by-minute basis. From personalities, food, words, phrases, fashion, books, artwork, music, advertisements, furniture, automobiles, signage, logos, architecture; the list is endless. Consequently, every aspect of life is engrained with ounces of creativity and in essence every aspect of our work environment has the potential for creative expression.

As I view my workload, creativity influences me in many ways. Here are just a few:

Schedules – creatively coordinating the eight-hour-plus work day to accomplish all necessary tasks well

Communication – creatively exercising written, verbal and non-verbal communication streams

Strategic Marketing – creatively assisting in implementing tactics and proper messaging for clients

Advertisement Layout – creatively and proactively reviewing all client collateral and ad concepts

Solution Orientation – creatively utilizing all available resources to provide the best solution

And – off the record – occasionally utilizing the creative genius of Pinterest, my social media addiction.

Creativity comes alive all around the work environment and it has quite the positive influence on productivity, social enrichment and over-all joy. The tastes and flavors of the daily routine can prove to be sour, bitter, sweet, salty or downright delicious when given the chance. However, creativity has to be realized, defined and embraced. (You can look at the cake all day long, but it’s not going to land in your mouth by itself.)

We can realize the creativity around us by simply opening our eyes. Some may call this being “open-minded” but at the core it is living life with a creative perspective, accepting and searching for new and better ways of doing things.

Once we notice the creative outlets around us, we define them by giving labels to the things that spark most creativity in the work environment. Recognize these avenues and know how they can positively influence the day to day.

Finally, embrace the creativity. Know that creative outlets do not produce effective results on their own. Take action and begin implementing the ways you have defined where creativity influences the nature of your work.

Clients come to JMG not just for our excellent project management, exceptional market understanding, or even the ever evolving, talented workforce. But rather, our clients come knocking on our door knowing that JMG provides solutions driven by creativity.

How are you taking action to implement creativity in your workplace? Take a few minutes to define your own list and feel free to share your methodology. We’re always up for new ideas!