Baby Boomers Spending Power [Infographic]

After WWII, the soldiers came home and life in America changed. Not to discount the tenacity, heartache and strength of these soldiers and their families, but what changed America the most was the baby boom.

This post-WWII generation, we affectionately refer to as Baby Boomers, built corporate empires, changed social norms and endured never-ending wars.

In 2011, the first of their generation turned 65, but they don’t seem to be slowing down. Boomers have tremendous buying power and wealth. And they don’t want to give up their generous lifestyle. Consumer spending is on the rise, and boomers are leading the spending spree with home improvements, travel and household goods.

If you leave this generation out of your marketing strategy, you will be sorely disappointed. Especially as you watch your competitor gain market share because they reached out to this all-important demographic.

The stats in the infographic below may surprise you, as they surprised me. (Boomers outspend other generations by $400 billion?) However, we must learn how to win this generation as marketers, coworkers and friends.

How do you win them? With optimism and personal benefits.

Baby Boom Generation, Baby Boomer infographic

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