Alternative-infused Brainstorming [Infographic]

Picture this scenario: you’ve gathered your marketing team to start planning for 2014. All of you sit around a conference table with coffee in-hand. Because your marketing campaigns are a bit stagnate, you’re asking for some new ideas from the team. You outline the need and stress the importance for a new, cut-through-the-clutter campaign. Now, what will happen?

It’s up to you to lead the team through this brainstorm session. How do you avoid wasting time? How do you get all these brains progressing toward an optimal outcome?

In my previous blog post 3 Tips to Think Big in Brainstorm Sessions, I outlined the brainstorm process.

  • Identify the challenge
  • Experiment with possible objectives for overcoming the obstacle
  • Consider any alternative methods
  • Select the best option

Now, we’ve taken those same steps and created an infographic.

Feel free to share it.  Send it to someone who is leading yet another coffee-infused meeting hoping to gather new ideas.