All Hands On Christmas

This year’s JMG Christmas card started the same way every creative effort starts—with a whole lot of concepting. Way back in early fall, the creative team began developing ideas for this year’s Christmas greeting. We had two objectives: engage the entire company (not just the creative team) in the creation of the card and incorporate a charitable element. The chosen concept illustrates all of us working together both to create great work for our clients and to help those in need in our community, while taking a cue from kindergarten in its execution.

The card

We set up a large sheet of vinyl in our warehouse and invited associates for lunch and hand printing. Over two days, each associate had his or her hands painted and left their mark to create a Christmas tree. We also invited associates to bring their kids in to add the ornaments, and Larry Jackson (our founding father) put on the finishing touch with a handprint star. We had the finished tree professionally photographed and used that shot on the finished Christmas card.

The gifts

In the midst of planning and executing the actual card, we also gathered JMG shopping elves to plunder Toys “R” Us and buy gifts for Toys for Tots. Each shopper was assigned a gender and age group, given a budget and set loose. Of course, we captured the ensuing mayhem on video.

The video

We took hours of footage of every part of the card creation and Toys for Tots donation, with both handheld and time-lapse cameras, and used it to create our behind-the-scenes look at the making of this year’s JMG Christmas greeting.

From all of us at Jackson Marketing Group, have a merry Christmas and a joyful 2012!