AI and Copywriting: Collaboration or Competition?

30_3268_med2By Payton Reed, Copywriter

If there’s anything that the unpredictability of 2020 has taught us it’s that content, and lots of it, can be needed at a moment’s notice. The demand for quick, effective copy is ever growing, big brands are taking notice, and so are their wallets. Brands that want more bang for their buck have started experimenting with AI copywriting to increase their amount of content without increasing their budget.

So, what is AI copywriting?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) copywriting uses deep learning and a series of unique language models to generate copy without the help of a human. AI-powered copywriting is used to create email subject lines, social media ad copy and paid search terms for the web, among other possibilities.

How does AI copywriting impact copywriters?

Copywriters: do not panic. Machines are not coming for your jobs, rather quite the opposite. AI copywriting can be thought of as a human copywriter’s robotic assistant. AI-powered copywriting can be used as a tool for writers to optimize copy while minimizing time-intensive tasks.

In a recent interview with, Elliott Sedegah, senior product marketing manager at Adobe made a good point when he said, “AI is becoming your new creative assistant, and I see AI and machine learning being implemented as common tools that are specifically tasked with mundane processes that are currently holding marketers back from having sufficient time to be creative.”

He felt strongly that, “Humans will always have value in content marketing; however, computers will not complain about having to add metadata, they will not try to avoid it, and they will work just as hard on the 100,000th image as on the first one, leaving more time for you to get creative.”

More time to be creative? Less time spent spellchecking? And all the copywriters said amen.

Can AI copywriting benefit your brand?

AI copywriting isn’t the right choice for all brands, but it certainly has its place in the industry. Big brands like eBay, Chase, Domino’s, and Virgin have successfully adopted AI Copywriting for select tasks. These large, established brands are the best targets for AI copywriting because their messaging has proven to be effective and just needs to be optimized for various channels. AI can help adjust the format, length and tone for different platforms while still staying on-brand. This can save copywriters time and companies, money.

Where do we go from here?

Copywriters can’t be replaced where it counts. AI copywriting lacks the ability to creatively craft new messaging, convey emotion and relate directly to the audience through storytelling. Copywriters will continue creating high-level work for brands while AI assistance makes their jobs a little easier. While AI copywriting is improving and evolving every day, its main function is to tackle the grunt work after copywriters have laid the groundwork.