A Video Introduction to Augmented Reality

blake-ross-croppedBy Blake Ross, Lead Front-End Developer

We’ve been honing our VR and AR skills at Jackson for some time, and we’re watching this space closely as technologies like miniaturization, camera technology, display technology and powerful mobile processing all continue to mature and converge to make AR a viable marketing tool for our clients.

For those unfamiliar with AR and VR, here’s a quick description. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality leverage similar technologies, but they’re used for different purposes. A classic example of VR is a gamer wearing a device that completely covers his or her eyes, seeing only what’s displayed by that device and nothing else. The purpose is to get you out of your world and put you into a totally different world—to immerse you into another world as fully as possible.

AR uses similar technology but rather than take you from your world into another, it introduces information into your world to help you more deeply engage with it. AR wants to take you deeper into your world by synthesizing a digital layer of information into your world. The most familiar examples of AR are Pokémon Go that places famous Pokémon characters in our paths for capture and Snapchat that lets us spew stars and rainbows.

In this video, I give an overview of Augmented Reality (AR) and show how it might have applications for your business. Enjoy!